Dreamweaver is a feature-rich web design application, that has become really popular among users through the past decade because it enables you to make professional websites with ease. It is installed on a personal computer and you can publish the information straight from it without using any kind of third-party software, therefore you'll always have the latest copy of your site as a backup on your end. Dreamweaver comes with numerous templates for various types of websites and has a WYSIWYG editor, which will enable you to add menus, interactive buttons and contact forms on your site even when you do not have any previous experience. If you're more experienced, you can also view and edit the program code of the pages manually. A further advantage that Dreamweaver has over online web design apps is that you're able to control various sites in the same time without having to sign in or out of any system.

Dreamweaver Compatible in Shared Hosting

You are able to employ Dreamweaver so as to create your website with each and every shared hosting plan that we supply due to the fact that our advanced cluster platform is Dreamweaver-compatible. All you will have to do is type in the FTP information for your account inside the program settings and you'll be able to publish all the content which you create on your PC straight to our servers. This way you're able to eliminate any kind of third-party FTP software and you won't need to use even your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Maintaining your site up-to-date doesn't require anything different - you'll be able to make as many changes as you wish at home or at work and as soon as you publish the website, Dreamweaver will connect to our servers and it'll replace the older files with the revised ones, so that your update will go online right away.

Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers

You are able to use Dreamweaver with any of the semi-dedicated hosting plans that we supply since our in-house made cloud website hosting platform is compatible with this application and you can even publish the website that you have created directly from it. You will not need an FTP client or even the Hepsia Control Panel since you can simply type in your account FTP details when you hit the Publish button and Dreamweaver will copy everything that you've created in the account on our end. The same steps are valid in case you want to update any page - the latest content will replace the previous one, so your updated site will be live instantly. If you want to have a couple of sites, you're able to create multiple FTP accounts from the Control Panel and set each one to have access just to a specific folder where Dreamweaver will publish the content.